Traffic Monsoon Review.

My Traffic Monsoon Income Continues To Grow – More Proof!

Well, I will make this further update short and sweet but it gives you all the information and further proof that you need!

You will see from my 19 November blog post, I was delighted to show you that I had reached 47 active Ad Packs  and was earning around $50.00 per day in Traffic Monsoon.

My Blog post at the end of December showed that I then had 80 active Ad Packs in Traffic Monsoon and that I had earned almost $8,500.

More important, was the continuous growth and upward spiral. In that month, I earned $2,344.75 but that accelerated to $616.35 in that last week alone, which equated to $2,670.85 per month, which was almost double the amount that I was earning on 19 November, as shown in my 19 November blog post!

My Traffic Monsoon Milestone!

Well how about this? Take a look at the screenshot below from my Traffic Monsoon back office. On 15 January 2016, I reached 100 active credit packs!!!

proof of continuous growth in earnings in Traffic Monsoon

100 Traffic Monsoon Ad Packs

100 TM Ad Packs!!

My Current Traffic Monsoon Income Earnings.

This brought my total earnings to a huge $10,181.65!!!

My previous month’s earnings had accelerated to $3.059.21!!!

My previous week’s earnings had accelerated to $756.40, i.e. $3,277 per month. Without any increase whatsoever, this would give an income of $39,332.79 over a year…

and all for spending 10 minutes watching ads on my computer and sharing in Traffic Monsoon’s huge daily income, because of the huge traffic and sales that it creates.

There are now 3 million Traffic Monsoon members all around the World, helping to create this huge income which continues to grow on a daily basis.

Yes, I got off to a slow and carefull start – a big mistake, which I regret on a daily basis – but I continue to be persuaded by the massive success shown by Tracey Peake who introduced me to this fabulous business.

Proof of continuous growth in Traffic Monsoon earnings


If you haven’t done so already, CLICK on the following link to join Traffic Monsoon FOR FREE! CLICK HERE.

Exciting News From Traffic Monsoon!

Well how about this news from Traffic Monsoon? Within a few weeks all withdrawals of earnings from Traffic will be through Traffic Monsoon’s own bank and all members will be issued with their own pre-paid debit cards. This means that earnings can be used to pay bills or to make immediate withdrawals from any nearby ATM which uses Mastercard.

Traffic Monsoon Credit Card.

In the interim, no withdrawals can be made from PayPal but it is easy to set up a Payza account for interim withdrawals. I can show you how to do this very quickly and very easily.

So if you still haven’t done so already, CLICK on the following link to join Traffic Monsoon FOR FREE! CLICK HERE.

This is an excellent business for anyone wanting to supplement their income or to simply grow their income by working online or working from home in their spare time. It is entirely up to you how little or how much time you put into it and we offer excellent assistance and training. We have Facebook groups and Skype groups which offer 24/7 assistance as TM now has an incredible 3 million people around the world.

Results shown in this blog may not be typical but they are genuine and achievable for anyone with basic online knowledge and a willingness to learn and to apply what is learned. Action has to be taken, if only by clicking on 10 Ads every 24 hours, which takes around 10 minutes.


My Traffic Monsoon Income Grows Continually – The Proof!

Well, I will make this update short and sweet but it gives you all the information and proof that you need!

You will see from my 19 November blog post, I was delighted to show you that I had reached 47 active Ad Packs  and was earning around $50.00 per day in Traffic Monsoon.

Well the picture below shows that I now have 80 active Ad Packs and  in Traffic Monsoon and I have earned almost $8,500. More important, is the continuous growth and upward spiral. In the last month, I earned $2344.75 but that accelerated to $616.35 in the last week alone, which equates to $2,670.85 per month, which is almost double the amount that I was earning on 19 November, as shown in my 19 November blog post!

Proof of continuous growth in income in Traffic Monsoon

Yes, I got off to a slow and carefull start – a big mistake, which I regret on a daily basis – but I continue to be persuaded by the massive success shown by Tracey Peake who introduced me to this fabulous business.

If you haven’t done so already, CLICK on the following link to join Traffic Monsoon FOR FREE! CLICK HERE.

So how well is Tracey Peake doing now in Traffic Monsoon?

Well below is a short video that Tracey made on 18 December 2015, which was the first anniversary of  when Tracey first joined Traffic Monsoon. This says it all really with actual proof of earnings and results from Tracey’s back office.



Most of this income is earned in less than 10 minutes per day. You are earning a share of the company’s huge income from advertising. Is there a better and more reliable way to create an online income, whether working from home or otherwise?

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t done so already, CLICK on the following link to join Traffic Monsoon FOR FREE! CLICK HERE.


How To Increase Your Income More Quickly In Traffic Monsoon!

How To Get More Traffic Monsoon AdPacks More quickly!

Here’s a tip given to me to help you get more momentum with your Traffic Monsoon income and to build up your AdPacks.

I used to waste valuable time trying to calculate when my balance would next reach $50, to enable me to buy another AdPack.

I would ask Sirri, on my iPhone to remind me to do this at a certain time. Sirri  would always oblige but so often at an inopportune time, when I would be busy with something else. The result…

valuable time and money was being lost until I could next access my Traffic Monsoon account and when I would find that my account balance was way over $50, which simply slowed down my ability to compound my Traffic Monsoon earnings. Not good news!

Increasing your Traffic Monsoon AdPacks

What I now do, is when I check my balance, if it is less than say $10 below a balance of $50, i.e. a balance of $40 or more, then I will just buy another AdPack anyway, for the required small amount, which is hardly noticeable.

If you’re using a credit card, then you may not incur any interest charges for around 2 months, before which time you will have earned 110% of the payment anyway. If you buy a large amount of Traffic Monsoon AdPacks in one go, then I appreciate that it can be costly, despite the rewards, but paying say $1 – $10, every so often is hardly noticeable but very rewarding!

It seemed like good advice to me and I am really glad that I took that advice as I am delighted with my improved results!

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

It’s Really Easy To Do!

Here’s how to increase your Traffic Monsoon Ad Packs More Quickly!

You know how to buy AdPacks…
by simply clicking on ‘200 PPC / 1000 TE Credits’, below Buy AdPacks w/Sharing, in the dark blue left hand column of your ‘My Account’ page, and then clicking on the green ‘Buy AdPacks’ button.
Then, simply…
  1. Go to your ‘Advertising Package Payment Page’ (see screenshot below).
  2. Then click on ‘Select Processor’ (PayPal or whatever you use).
  3. Then click on the blue ‘Preview’ button.
  4. Then follow the red arrow and click on ‘take my (for example) $44.00 Account Balance’. Now the example below is pure bad timing and not a good example (at $14) but it is simply to illustrate what to do.
  5. Then click on the blue ‘Pay Now’ button as usual.

How to get more Traffic Monsoon AdPacks

You will then receive an instant email… as usual…confirming that you have one more AdPack, earning you an extra $1.07 (on average) per day!

If when you start the above, your account balance is say $42.86, only $42.00 will be used towards your $50.00 purchase. The amount of cents is never used but simply remains in your balance. You do not lose your cents balance.

You can, of course, purchase more than one additional AdPack at any time.

Give it a try, watch your account gain some momentum and increase your income all the more quickly!

 It feels good doesn’t it?

the joy of increasing your Traffic Monsoon income!

This is such a great way for anyone to earn income, online, working from home or whilst taking a break from their job.

Anyone can do this and it takes no more than 10 minutes each day. If you can click on a link you will earn with this.

Why not show it to your friends and colleagues?

If you haven’t done so already, CLICK on the following link to join Traffic Monsoon FOR FREE! CLICK HERE.

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

How To Earn $500 Every Day In Your Spare Time…With Proof!

I have been tied up with important and demanding offline commitments for the last few weeks…but I just wanted to give a very quick but revealing update to my blog.

The great thing is that spending just 10 minutes a day clicking on advertisements enables me to earn money every hour of the day…even when I sleep!

So how do I do this? Well, it’s quite simple and I can show you how in just a few minutes. By clicking on ads, I help to bring much needed traffic (visitors) to websites. This brings in huge revenue for a company called Traffic Monsoon and they happily share their revenue with me and anyone else who is wise enough to join them.

My sponsor is a local lady, who is a single mum and runs two offline businesses. She has been a friend for several years. She is a local Pharmacist and Health Care Consultant. In her (very limited) spare time, in only eleven months, she is now earning a fantastic income from Trafficmonsoon. Her name is Tracey Peake.

So Where Is The Proof That Someone Can Earn $500 Per Day In Their Spare Time?

Well, here’s a screenshot of Tracey Peake’s post on 13 November 2015 on her Facebook Timeline!

Proof that Traffic monsoon pays $500 per day, in your spare time


The screenshot above showing the account balance, is something that I am very familiar with, from when I click on my ads every day in my Traffic Monsoon back office. I will show you my results below but what the picture above proves is that in just 11 months Tracey has earned the staggering sum of $223,759.50.

If the figures above are not too clear to you, the image below is enlarged to illustrate the figures.

Traffic monsoon pays $500 per day, in your spare time: more proof!

I messaged Tracey on Facebook and asked her to confirm her earnings. She duly obliged, as the screenshot below illustrates!

Proof of Traffic Monsoon earnings


CLICK on the following link to join Traffic Monsoon FOR FREE! CLICK HERE.

Now Tracey has compounded her earnings and used a lot of that money to buy more advertising packs but as she says, this has enabled her to withdraw the princely sum of $500 every day for the last 3 months and her account is still continuing to grow in the meantime. Tracey only started with $500 of her own money but in just 11 months, she is now earning that every single day…

that is $3,500 per week…

$15,166.66 every month and

$181,999.92 in a year!

Here’s a short video by Tracey, confirming all of this!

So is Traffic Monsoon Likely To Last?

I thinks so. The owner is Charles Scoville. He is from the USA but now lives locally to me in the UK. He has great experience of such businesses. Online advertising is a multi billion dollar industry. It’s how Google and Facebook make their many billions…but when did they pay you or I a share of any of their huge income, for clicking on any of their ads?

Well we both know the answer to that! They don’t pay a cent to the likes of us…

but Traffic Monsoon does!

So is Charles Scoville an unknown person?

Well no…not at all…he regularly attends meetings with his many affiliates and members around the UK (who now total an incredible 1.2 million) and he makes himself contactable on Facebook. He is very open about the company’s finances. Below is a shot of his Facebook Group Page. Take a read of what he says and draw your own conclusions.

Charles Scoville on Traffic monsoon

Incredibly, Traffic Monsoon has now reached 900 on the Alexa ranking (in the top 900 most visited websites in the whole World) after just over 12 months and Charles’ aim is to get to number 57 on Craig’s List very soon. This is a company that is already hugely successful!

CLICK on the following link to join Traffic Monsoon FOR FREE! CLICK HERE.

So what about my results IN Traffic monsoon?

Well to be honest, I have a lot of catching up to do with Tracey Peake but as as a multi-millionaire, highly successful businessman once told me: if you want to be successful at something, then study and copy someone who already has proven success!

The screenshot below shows that I have earned in total $5,240.89 from Traffic Monsoon.  I now have 47 active shares or ad packs, having earlier today used $50 of Traffic Monsoon earnings to buy a new ad pack. That was about 2 hours earlier, since which time I have earned another $4.33, as earnings are earned every hour of every day…online advertising never sleeps because the people involved are from all around the World, in just about every time zone!

Each ad pack or active share earns on average around $1.07 per day and so I am now earning $50 per day i.e. $350 per week i.e. $1516.66 per calendar month but exactly one month ago, I only had 26 ad packs, earning just over half of my current Traffic Monsoon earnings and so you can see how your earnings can grow in such a short space of time. I will show you how to speed up this process, just as I did over the last month.

For those used to GBP Pounds Sterling, my current Traffic Monsoon earnings are £32.50 per day i.e. £227.50 per week i.e. £985.33 per month. If I double these earnings again over next month, it will create a very nice income for Christmas and beyond…

and all for 10 minutes work per day!

Why not join me FOR FREE and I will show you how? Here’s my Traffic Monsoon account: –

Traffic monsoon earnings

The other great thing is that you can also use Trafficmonsoon to advertise any other business or product that you wish to promote on Traffic Monsoon’s website with it’s huge traffic i.e. website viewers…

and bring in even greater income! 

CLICK on the following link to join Traffic Monsoon FOR FREE! CLICK HERE.

Traffic Monsoon Pays £32,425 ($50,078.79) to Unicef Charity!

Traffic Monsoon Pays £32,425 ($50,078.79) to Children’s Charity, UNICEF!

Traffic Monsoon donates huge cheque to Children's Charity

TRAFFIC MONSOON Doesn’t Post Large Cheques Online Showing How Much Its Members Have Earned… but It Does Post Cheques Online Of The People It Has Helped!

Why was UNICEF chosen?  The Main Reason Was To Find a Charity Not Linked To any Religion But Which Would Be Able To Help The Children Of The World.

On 20th October, 2015 Traffic Monsoon Presented the Cheque To Representatives of UNICEF at their London Offices .

Traffic Monsoon donates over £32,000 to Children's Charity UNICEF

Traffic Monsoon Was Informed That It Cost A Mere 4.4p or 7 US Cents to Immunise A Child And So The Traffic Monsoon Fund Has Raised Enough to Make A Difference to over 60 million Children Around The World!

The Owner Of Traffic Monsoon, Mr Charles Scoville, Made The Largest Donation of Over 90% Of The Amount Collected. You Can Go And Check This Here:

If All Traffic Monsoon members gave just a few cents, then this would help so many more children around the world.

You can see how Traffic Monsoon can help you to supplement your income AND help you to help children around the World.

You can do this and join Traffic Monsoon FOR FREE by CLICKING HERE

Traffic Monsoon

Join Traffic Monsoon FOR FREE by CLICKING HERE!

Traffic Monsoon Explained

So What Is Traffic Monsoon All About?

Well, Traffic Monsoon provides the following:

Traffic Diversification In World’s Leading Services

  • Providing Low Cost Ad Services
  • Delivering Best-In-Class & Long-Term Service
  •  Helping Advertisers Achieve Success

Traffic Monsoon explained is a specialized advertising and revenue sharing company that allows international participation of individuals and groups. Our services provide high quality advertising targeted for people seeking for a way to earn money online along with complete account privacy, top level online security, efficient account management, and a dedicated support team.

Traffic Monsoon’s traffic generation resources are capable of sending your website several thousands of visitors quickly. All our members have equal opportunity to benefit from an attractive revenue sharing plan on a long-term basis. There is truly no risk to our revenue sharing plan, because the quality of advertising services you’re paying for out-weigh the price. You’ll really notice the difference with TrafficMonsoon in results, and profit sharing.

Traffic Monsoon advertises on several sites, for example: Neobux, Clicksense, Easyhits4u etc. and the CEO, Charles Scoville is very open and regularly shows company affiliates company bank accounts. Traffic Monsoon makes good profit on traffic. There is huge demand to advertise on Traffic Monsoon’s website. The opening advertising slot is booked up 12 months in advance!

If you haven’t already done so then CLICK on the following link to join Traffic Monsoon FOR FREE! CLICK HERE.

Are There Any Well Known Companies That Advertise On Traffic Monsoon’s Website?

Quite a few actually!
There are 698,773,477 reasons…
i.e. almost 700 million website visitors as at 19 October 2015!
huge traffic on Traffic Monsoon

Here are just a few examples of large, well known companies which advertise on the Traffic Monsoon website:

Trivago is one:

Trivago advertises on Traffic Monsoon's website

Another is ARGOS, the UK competitor for AMAZON, which has just introduced same day deliveries!

ARGOS advertises on Traffic Monsoon
EasyJet is another big player that advertises on Traffic Monsoon!


EasyJet advertises on Traffic Monsoon
Jet2 Holidays is another huge company that advertises on Traffic Monsoon!  
Jet2 Holidays also adveretise with Traffic Monsoon

Even APPLE, the Most Successful Company In The World, Advertises on Traffic Monsoon!


APPLE: The Most Successful Company In The World, Advertises on Traffic Monsoon!

If you haven’t already done so then CLICK on the following link to join Traffic Monsoon FOR FREE! CLICK HERE.


And what about smaller businesses, including Traffic Monsoon affiliates?

Well here is what Kim Dekker says: –

Traffic Monsoon testimonials


Traffic Monsoon success

So what are you waiting for? 

If you haven’t already done so then CLICK on the following link to join Traffic Monsoon FOR FREE! CLICK HERE.

Getting Started  With Traffic Monsoon – Below is a Great Video By Sharon James.


The interesting point that Sharon makes is not to worry about learning everything straight away.

Sharon’s advice is to: “Earn As You Learn!”

Great advice, Sharon! That sounds fantastic to me!!



Watch the video below and Learn How You Can Use Traffic Monsoon to Make More Money Online! 


CLICK on the following link to join Traffic Monsoon FOR FREE! CLICK HERE NOW!

My Traffic Monsoon Review

My Traffic Monsoon Review.

Well Traffic Monsoon celebrates its first anniversary on 14 October 2015 and although it began in the USA, it celebrated its first anniversary with a five star party for 1000 lucky affiliates and members, in my hometown of Manchester, UK on the evening of Saturday, 10 October 2015.

Happy First Anniversary Traffic Monsoon

There was an incredible turn out last night at the Traffic Monsoon First Anniversary Party…

Traffic Monsoon's First Anniversary Party

So why join Traffic Monsoon?

Well for me, apart from the fact that Traffic Monsoon has become so successful, the answer is very simple and is as set out in a recent post on my Facebook Timeline as per the picture below: –

Traffic Monsoon proof OF Earnings

The box highlighted in red above, says it all: my Traffic Monsoon sponsor, Tracey Peake earned the princely sum $179,257.44 in just 9 months after starting off with just 10 Ad Packs at a cost of just $500. Now Tracey has really worked hard at this. She was convinced about how good Traffic Monsoon was, very early on. Her results and enthusiasm for Traffic Monsoon convinced others to join and so these earnings may not be typical…but they are genuine!

And all this by a single mum, running a home and two other offline businesses. So if Tracey can do it, then why not you or I?

So, was Tracey Peake happy to confirm how much she has made in just 9 months with Traffic Monsoon?

Well she certainly was…

see below!

Traffic Monsoon proof of earnings

How To Get Traffic and Make Money Online With Traffic Monsoon!

I’d just like to tell you about how fantastic Traffic Monsoon is.

This is a fantastic business to be involved with and since I joined I have earned money and made new acquaintances from all over the world.
There are 4 ways to earn money with Traffic Monsoon and I am here to help you get started.
You can buy ad packs and make 2% revenue share daily
You can buy advertising for your businesses and get sign ups from the quality traffic.
You can share this fantastic business and receive 10% referral commission.
You can click and earn daily from the free cash link advertising, no purchase required.
I am here to help you , so please contact me by phone or email or skype
My details are at the end of this welcome pack.

If you haven’t already done so then CLICK on the following link to join Traffic Monsoon FOR FREE! CLICK HERE.

Some Interesting Facts About Traffic Monsoon!

  • It is the number one traffic exchange, providing quality Traffic
  • It is a global business in 230 countries
  • It has 1.2 million members
  • Incredibly, after just 12 months, Alexa rank Traffic Monsoon at 891, i.e. only 890 websites have more traffic or viewers, in the whole world! See the image below which confirms, as at 9 October 2015.

Traffic Monsoon's Alexa Ranking

Here are 4 ways to use Traffic Monsoon to help you make more money online: –

The first way is FREE!

VERY INTERESTING… I’ve had many conversations with some of our leaders in the last few days about Cash Links, and all of them are excited.

You can click on cash links on the membership dashboard, and earn cash simply for reviewing other member’s offers.

The real way to leverage your earnings from these cash links is by referring people You receive a 100% matching bonus on all your Direct Team who click on these ads.

To qualify for referral earnings, all you need to do is make sure you have clicked on at least 10 ads in the Traffic Monsoon exchange within the last 24 hours.

You receive 100% matching click earnings from your referrals, so the more referrals you have clicking ads, the more income you’ll earn.

One member posted on Facebook that they have earned $0.10 from cash links in the last 24 hours.
Let’s expand on that…

You clicked all the cash links and earn $0.10

If you had 10 referrals earning the same, even if they are free members, you would have earned $1.10 from cash links.

You earn 100% of what your referrals earn from cash link clicks.

So let’s take that a step further.

500 referrals earning $0.10 in a day = $50 earnings from cash links
(That is one new AdPack per day)

1000 referrals earning $0.10 in a day = $100 earnings from cash links.
(2 new AdPacks per day)

There’s no purchase required to earn from Cash Links.

Traffic Monsoon Cah Links

So how much would you earn in a month or year if all your referrals earned just $0.10 per day from cash links?
This is NOT a guarantee of income, but an example of what you can earn by referring new members to Traffic Monsoon who click on cash links.

No purchase necessary!

The real way to multiply your earnings is by referring new members to come use our services and click ads.

It’s really quite simple and easy.

CLICK on the following link to join Traffic Monsoon FOR FREE! CLICK HERE.

The second way to make money online using Traffic Monsoon

is to use the services to generate more traffic and leads for your business.

Targeted Traffic via Traffic Monsoon

Every online earner knows they need more traffic to generate leads, and more leads to experience more sales. There are multiple services available to help you reach your target audience. All our traffic services are targeted for people seeking to find more tools and resources to help them build their incomes online.


When members purchase advertising services, we share the revenues from these purchases with our members. All you have to do to qualify for sharing in site revenues is have an active sharing position, and click a minimum 10 ads in a day. You’ll share in revenues for 24 hours.

Revenue sharing positions are included with the ad pack purchase for $50, which gives you 1000 visitors to your website, and 20 clicks on your banner advertisement.

Every click on your banners ads is worth a lot – those users who click on your ads may become your referrals or even clients. Users click simply because they are interested in the topic of your ads!

As you click a minimum of 10 ads daily, you’ll continue to share in revenues up to $55 (110%) on each sharing position.

Traffic Monsoon Revenue Sharing

The fourth way to make money with Traffic Monsoon is through referral sales.

When you refer people to use the services offered on Traffic Monsoon, you’ll earn 10% of each of your referral’s purchase.

This means each time a referral makes a purchase using either their earning balance, or payment processor, you’ll receive 10% of their purchase instantly to your account balance.

Traffic Monsoon is really quite easy to use, and you can begin earning on Traffic Monsoon with revenue sharing within the next hour.
Is Traffic Monsoon a Registered Company?

Yes! Traffic Monsoon LLC is a registered company.
See the registration details here:…

Here’s a  very short video testimonial by my sponsor, Tracey Peake:

Here Is How To Get Started!
Please send this to anyone looking at signing up

Please make sure you get the Referral link of the person who sent you the Process for signing up.
You will need a Gmail Account as your email (safety and security reasons)
And a Pay Pal account go to if you do not have one
or Solid Trust ( ) or Payza
You will be required to sign up with the following…

First Name
Last Name
Email (Gmail only)
User name of your choice
Withdrawal code (Must be 6 digits)
Password ( Must be Letters and number)
Payment Information (Pay pal email)
Then you will receive an email to activate your account. Please activate your account and log in and keep all your passwords and details safely.
Only 1 account per ip address please for security as we are governed by Pay Pal

Below is a short video by Charles Scoville, the Traffic Monsoon CEO, which will explain more.

This video will help to clear any confusion as to what Traffic Monsoon is, and how the revenue sharing works. At the end is a bucket illustration that makes it a lot easier to understand.

So make sure to watch until the end! CLICK on the arrow on the picture, below for the video: –

CLICK on the following link to join Traffic Monsoon FOR FREE! CLICK HERE.

Getting Started with Traffic Monsoon – A Few Reminders!

Here’s another video by my sponsor with some fascinating facts about Traffic Monsoon:

To Make It Easier For You, Here’s a Short Traffic Monsoon Getting Started Guide.

Each Link Will Open In A New Tab (or Window), So When You’re Finished With Each Item You Can Close The Tab (or Window) To Return To This Page

Have you setup your account profile? Make sure to upload a photo if you have one. It helps increase results in your campaigns. Click Here

Have you created a secondary password and transaction pin? You set one up during sign-up. If you ever need to make a change to it, this is where you go. Click Here 

Have you purchased advertising service with a sharing position? Click Here

Not Sure What To Promote? Your own business, affiliate offer, your website, blog.. 

If You Have Nothing Else, Watch This Video About Click Bank Affiliate Marketing. Click Here – How to Make Money With ClickBank

Have you viewed a minimum of 10 ads to qualify for sharing today? Remember, Unlimited Clicking Earns You Unlimited Free Advertising Credits. Click Here

Have you tried a traffic monsoon package? Get Massive Traffic At Low Prices. Click Here

Have you referred anyone to use the services to receive 10% of their purchases? 

Get Banners Click Here

I will be adding regular updates about this exciting company!


Free Leads For You With Power Lead System!

Get Your FREE LEADS To Promote Any Business With Power Lead System!

This is an absolutely fantastic way to get FREE LEADS to promote any system, including the Power Lead System (PLS) itself!

Just watch the short video below and you will see what I mean. There are tons of training videos to get you going. So what have you got to lose?

The Power Lead System hosts a marketing system platform that provides marketing tools for online marketers. It also offers an affiliate program where affiliates can earn commissions off the sales of PLS products.

The Power Lead System pays a commission on product sales, not on recruiting.

The Power Lead System was built with the goal of helping you make more money in your existing business, by giving you tools, training, and systems.

The PLS goal is to help provide you with a way to create leveraged affiliate income from marketing the PLS system, tools, and trainings, to help small business owners have more success in their business.

To do this, PLS has created a system that distributes commissions on products being sold, according to the ‘Accelerated Leverage’ compensation plan.

If someone does not purchase a product, there is no commission generated. Commissions are only generated by selling products, and customers can choose optionally whether or not they want to participate as an affiliate.

As a customer and/or an affiliate, you can choose to use the PLS products to help you build traffic and generate leads for any business you choose.

As an affiliate, you may or may not earn income, and you agree that is OK. Your own success is based on your own marketing skill, hard work, and other factors. Suffice it to say, I began to get leads within minutes of marketing the link in Facebook groups.

I got leads by simply posting the following message and adding an eye catching picture:

” This is fantastic and really works. I can give you a website to generate FREE Leads. Just CLICK HERE ===> ”

Free Leads at Power Lead System


 It’s that easy but obviously there is far more training to help you get your FREE leads.

So what are you waiting for?  This is tried and tested.

Join here FOR FREE ===> Google this here.


How To Make Money Online

How Can I Make Money Online?

There are literally millions of people asking this very question – every single day. How do I know this? Well …Online Search Engine statistics tell me so and it’s not really too difficult to imagine why, is it? 

With a shortage of jobs and the poor state of so many Worldwide economies – for some years now – many people have turned to the Internet to look for work and to try and make money online. However, the difficult thing is knowing how to make money online. While there are some legitimate opportunities to make money online, it can be difficult to sort out the honest ways of making money from the money-making scams, of which there are many. Fortunately, there are a number of ways of making money online. 

However, any opportunity should be checked out and thoroughly researched. You should always do your own due diligence before committing yourself. Google is a good place to start but do be wary of the fact that the Internet is full of people posting totally invalid, untrue complaints about the very best of organizations and products. Regretfully some people also post articles with headings such as: “Is this a Scam?” but the whole of the content is actually in praise of the company or product in question. This is done to try and attract attention as well as to to try and climb up Google’s rankings.


Here are Five Ways To Make Money Online…. And I Have Saved The Very Best Until Last!

1. Sell what you no longer need.

Although this may only be for certain people, you can make good money selling things you don’t want on eBay. If you live in an apartment building or are unable to have a garage or yard sale, eBay is your equivalent of that. The funds from the sales of your objects go straight into you PayPal account making it almost instantaneous money. People who want to make money this way either have an endless supply of stuff to sell or need money quickly one time. This can be one of the safest ways to make money online as you set your price and eBay is a safe and sure way to do business and exchange money. If you use PayPal to buy things, you have about 6 weeks to lodge a complaint with PayPal if you don’t get what you bargained for.

2. Buy in real life, then sell on Craigslist.

When you run out of items of your own to sell, there are many places you can buy items cheap in real life e.g. Tag Sales, Flea Markets, Storage Locker Auctions and Estate Sales, etc…  You basically buy things that people want to get rid of and you pay bottom dollar for it.  Buying in large quantity will help assure you to get the lowest price possible. You sell those same things  on Craigslist for a profit. However, Ebay charges a listing fee and then if you sell you get hit with a selling fee.  If payment is via Paypal you incur a Paypal fee.  So I recommend Craigslist to help maximize your profit.  This is a straightforward way to make money online and once you have had some practice, you will know what items sell the best and where to focus your time and money.

3. Get Paid for Your Opinion.

Filling out surveys online can be an easy way to make some money Online also. Often, you may even get free samples sent to you so you can try the sample and then fill out a questionnaire on it. Filling out surveys to give opinion and feedback is research that is very valuable to companies and most of them will pay very well to research their product or website with possible consumers. Make sure that you search reputable companies to do this with as there are scam surveys and legitimate surveys. You should get paid for all the surveys you complete.

4. Go to and create something to sell.

Fiverr is a website that allows anyone to sell something for $5.  Fiverr takes $1 as commission when you sell something so you get to keep the remaining $4.To understand Fiverr you really need to visit the website. You can sell anything, it does not need to be a physical product.  People sell testimonial videos, pictures of themselves holding up a sign; they will ‘friend’ you on Facebook, or pretend that they are your girlfriend to make someone else jealous!  You can sell art, make a phone call for someone, or do a million other things.  You really have no excuse for saying that you don’t have anything to sell on Fiverr. There are just so many ways of making money online on

5. Blog, Blog and Blog – surprisingly, the very best way to make money online!

Before the how, here’s the what! What exactly is blogging? 


Well… this is how Blogger (Google’s free tool for creating blogs) describes blogging as follows:-

“What’s a blog?

A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts. Memos to the world.

Your blog is whatever you want it to be. There are millions of them, in all shapes and sizes, and there are no real rules.

In simple terms, a blog is a website, where you write stuff on an ongoing basis. New stuff shows up at the top, so your visitors can read what’s new. Then they comment on it or link to it or email you. Or not.

Since Blogger was launched in 1999, blogs have reshaped the web, impacted politics, shaken up journalism, and enabled millions of people to have a voice and connect with others.

And we are pretty sure that the whole deal is just getting started.”

You can do that! You know you can!! What can you write about, you ask? Don’t even think about that. I will be giving you tons of ideas and once you start it gets so much easier!

Blog Button

Though blogging is easy to do, it’s not quite so easy to make it lucrative, unless you learn how.  Making a blog popular enough so that it makes money, normally requires a lot of effort, dedication and hard work. But for someone looking to make money online, this could be the perfect way to do it. In order to make money blogging, your blog must be interesting, different, bring in a lot of traffic and views from different areas. When you post every day, you increase your content and that is how your blog comes up in a higher rank in Google search results.

I will be adding tips here not just about blogging but about other tested ways, showing you how to make money online.

Feel free to comment at any time!